Non-food items (NFIs)

“From the first days of emergency through to durable solutions, NFI distributions help to save lives and restore a sense of home following a conflict or natural disaster.” – Global Shelter Cluster

The Challenge

In an emergency situation, families often flee with little more than the clothes they are wearing and consequently find themselves displaced without any personal belongings. In addition to food, they urgently need a number of non-food items (NFIs) to survive, including for shelter, cooking, health and sanitation.

Sourcing NFIs is therefore a critical facet of humanitarian relief, but the challenge does not stop there. Once sourced, they must be distributed to displaced populations in a coordinated manner that takes into account specific needs pertaining to culture, gender and local environments.

At Season Relief, we help our partners navigate these challenges and better meet the needs of displaced persons worldwide.

Steps for successful NFI distribution during crises

Study the demographics of the target population

Account for cultural specificities

Ensure that NFIs meet gender-specific needs

Establish what NFIs were used before the crisis

Involve men and women in planning and distribution

Study which NFIs can be sourced locally

Regularly inform affected populations on distribution plans

Source: IASC (2006); UNHCR (2020)


1. Supply of emergency shelters

At Season Relief, we supply various UN agencies, international NGOs, private companies and civil society organisations with the following NFIs groups:

These NFIs are available in various sizes and specifications, in line with differing partner requirements and standards. This, in turn, enables us to cater to the specific needs of as many different displaced populations as possible.

Please contact us to request a quotation or enquire about product specifications.

Please note that we can also source a large number of NFIs outside of our regular offering from Season Development’s international network of suppliers.

2. NFI distributorships

Supplying shelters to humanitarian emergencies can be challenging. As a longstanding supplier to many international organisations and with warehouse facilities across the developing world, Season Development can help your shelters reach the displaced populations who need them – and fast.

Contact us today to discuss a potential distributorship agreement – we’ve helped many companies to distribute their products and stand ready to assist you.

3. Project Management and Consulting

From NFI product innovations to conducting situation analyses at the onset of crises,

our in-house Project Management team stands ready to formulate and execute actionable solutions for displaced populations worldwide. Moreover, our international network allows us to tap into a wealth of cutting-edge expertise and we often work in consortia with other companies, experts and organisations.

So whether you’re looking for a consortium partner or an independent project management team, contact us today and let’s find a way forward.

4. NFI logistics

With over ten years of experience delivering NFIs to displaced populations across Africa and beyond, we can help organise your shipments or advise on the most efficient and cost-effective methods available. Contact us to find out more.