Disasters and development are inextricably linked, and disaster recovery presents an opportunity to make things better than before: ‘reconstruction-plus’”-Evidence on Demand 2016

The Challenge

As noted by ALNAP, emergency response efforts have sometimes excessively pursued emergency shelter and facilities to the detriment of long-term solutions. This can result in inadequate finance and human resources left over for permanent recovery. Worst of all, transitional facilities can evolve into permanent structures, leaving affected populations with poor quality infrastructure that is ill-suited to their long-term needs.

Fortunately, governments and international agencies have devoted increasing attention as to how humanitarian relief can be linked with long-term recovery and development in recent years. Construction plays a pivotal role in this regard; correctly implemented, it bears the potential to eliminate the need for temporary shelter and facilities altogether in some contexts – and Season Relief is dedicated to supporting this effort.

The Cost of Poor Infrastructure’

2.6% estimated increase in GDP per capita across Africa that closing the infrastructure quality and quantity gap with the developed world will bring

$390 bn the estimated cost to households and firms in low- and middle-income countries due to disruption to infrastructure

$18 bn the estimated cost of damage to power generation and transport infrastructure caused each year by natural disasters in low- and middle-income countries

$4 the net benefit for every dollar invested in more resilient infrastructure in low- and middle-income countries

$1.59 tn the gap in quality and quantity of infrastructure between Africa and developed economies by 2040 if current trends continue

155% the increase of suspected cholera incidence rates after one day of disruption to water infrastructure in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Sources: World Bank 2019


1. Reconstruction supplies

To helprebuild durable infrastructure in the immediate aftermath of disasters and conflicts, we supply UN agencies, INGOs and construction firms with critical supplies such as:
  • Construction tools
  • Soft and hard timber
  • Concrete and bricks
  • Iron profile, sheets and twisted bars
  • PVC and GI pipes
  • Razor and barbed wire
  • DHPE roll pipes
  • PRR fittings
  • Stackable water tanks
… and much more besides.

To ensure the highest possible quality, we source these items with great care in line with international regulations and specifications. We also perform regular quality control inspections across our supply chains.

Click here to download a catalogue. Alternatively, please contact us to request a quotation or enquire about product specifications.

Please note that we can also source a large number of products outside of our regular stock from Season Relief’s international network of suppliers.

2. Construction distributorships

Supplying construction materials to disaster-affected areas can be challenging. From identifying vendors to last-mile distribution, it can be difficult to navigate the complexities of humanitarian relief efforts. With distribution facilities across Africa and beyond, Season Relief can help you to contribute to reconstruction efforts – and fast.

Contact us today to discuss a potential distributorship agreement – we’ve helped many companies to distribute their products and stand ready to assist you.

3. Project management and consulting

From assessing disaster-related damage, to sourcing materials, aiding logistical planning and overseeing reconstruction projects, our in-house Project Management team stands ready to assist. Moreover, our international network allows us to tap into a wealth of cutting-edge expertise and we often work in consortia with other companies, experts and organisations.

So whether you’re looking for a consortium partner or an independent project management team, contact us today and let’s find a way forward.

4. Foodstuff logistics

With over ten years of experience supporting reconstruction following natural disasters and conflicts, we can help organise the shipment of your materials or advise on the most efficient and cost-effective methods available. Click here to read more about our logistics offering or contact us to find out more.