“Losing one’s home, separation from friends, family and community support structures is hugely traumatic. Access to temporary and longer-term shelter and settlements, a place that families and communities can somehow call ‘home’, can be both life-saving and life-enabling. – Global Shelter Cluster

The Challenge

Allowing crisis-affected people to live in safe, dignified and appropriate shelter is fundamental to successful humanitarian relief. While this has always been the case, the front lines of displacement crises have shifted away from rural areas over the past few decades, such that approximately three quarter of the world’s refugees and internally displaced now live in urban centres (Development Initiatives 2020).

Combined with the effects of climate change, many of the guidelines governing shelter in rural settings have been found to be unworkable in densely populated cities subject to frequent natural disasters.

The need for more effective, timely and efficient shelter responses is therefore critical. Season Relief’s shelter unit stands ready to help overcome these challenges and to assist our partners wherever possible across the developing world.

The shifting frontiers of displacement crises

3/4 approximate proportion of the world’s refugees and internally displaced living in urban centres

67.2 the number of refugees and internally displaced persons under UNHCR and UNRWA’s mandate at the end of 2018

13.6m the number of newly displaced persons in 2018

80% the estimated proportion of self-recovery out of total housing recovery following natural disasters

3.5m square the minimum recommended living space per person in a shelter

6m the number of houses damaged or destroyed around the world between 2005 and 2018

70% estimated percentage of the world’s urban population who will be living in low-elevation coastal zones by 2025

Sources: United Nations 2019; World Bank Group 2020


1. Supply of emergency shelters

At Season Relief, we supply various Global Shelter Cluster partners, governments, local NGOs and private companies with the following shelter varieties

2. Agricultural distributorships

Supplying shelters to humanitarian emergencies can be challenging. As a longstanding supplier to many international organisations and with warehouse facilities across the developing world, Season Development can help your shelters reach the displaced populations who need them – and fast.

Contact us today to discuss a potential distributorship agreement – we’ve helped many companies to distribute their products and stand ready to assist you.

3. Project Management and Consulting

From capacity building initiatives to developing innovative shelters better suited to urban contexts, our in-house Project Management team stands ready to formulate and execute actionable solutions for displaced populations worldwide. Moreover, our international network allows us to tap into a wealth of cutting-edge expertise and we often work in consortia with other companies, experts and organisations.

So whether you’re looking for a consortium partner or an independent project management team, contact us today and let’s find a way forward.

4. Agricultural logistics

With over ten years of experience delivering shelters to displaced populations across Africa and beyond, we can help organise your shipments or advise on the most efficient and cost-effective methods available. Contact us to find out more.