Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH)

“Sanitation saves lives. But history teaches us that it’s also one of the key building blocks of development.” – World Health Organisation

The Challenge

Across the developing world, rapid population growth in mega-cities has resulted in dense concentrations of people crowding into increasingly dangerous places such as flood plains. While environmental health in these areas is poor at the best of times, it becomes catastrophic following natural disasters, and the same may be said of the camps that become rapidly populated by people displaced due to conflict. In such contexts, the risk of diarrhoea, cholera and other disease outbreaks becomes particularly acute.

It is therefore vital to ensure the rapid supply of water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) services to emergency-affected populations – a challenge that Season Relief stands ready to undertake alongside our partners.

Global WASH service shortfalls

800+ number of children under five who die every day from preventable diarrhoea-related diseases caused by lack of access to water, sanitation and hygiene.

200m the number of hours women and children spend collecting water every day

2/5 proportion of people worldwide lacking a basic hand-washing facility at home with soap and water

9% proportion of the global population still practising open defecation

1/3 proportion of global primary schools lacking basic drinking water, hygiene and sanitation services

70% percentage of persons with disabilities reporting a lack of access to water, hygiene and sanitation services in humanitarian contexts

Sources: UNICEF 2020; United Nations 2019; ELRHA 2019


1. Supply of WASH products

At Season Relief, we supply various Global WASH Cluster partners, governments, local NGOs and private companies with the following water, sanitation and hygiene products:

These products are available in various sizes and specifications, in line with differing partner requirements and standards. This, in turn, enables us to cater to the specific needs of as many emergency-affected populations as possible.

Please contact us to request a quotation or enquire about product specifications.

Please note that we can also source a large number of WASH products outside of our regular offering from Season Development’s international network of suppliers.

2. WASH distributorships

Supplying WASH products to humanitarian emergencies can be challenging. As a longstanding supplier to many international organisations and with warehouse facilities across the developing world, Season Development can help your products reach the displaced populations who need them – and fast.

Contact us today to discuss a potential distributorship agreement – we’ve helped many companies to distribute their products and stand ready to assist you.

3. Project Management and Consulting

From developing innovations in safe sanitation to WASH in child-friendly spaces, our in-house Project Management team stands ready to formulate and execute actionable solutions for emergency-affected populations worldwide. Moreover, our international network allows us to tap into a wealth of cutting-edge expertise and we often work in consortia with other companies, experts and organisations.

So whether you’re looking for a consortium partner or an independent project management team, contact us today and let’s find a way forward.

4. WASH logistics

With over ten years of experience delivering WASH products to emergency-affected populations across Africa and beyond, we can help organise your shipments or advise on the most efficient and cost-effective methods available. Contact us to find out more.