Navigating Complex Emergencies: Season Relief's Agile Humanitarian Response

Season Relief, founded by Bishar Dhere, adapts to changing humanitarian crises with agility and collaboration. With a decade of experience, we tackle complex emergencies globally. Our diverse services cover Shelter, Relief Items, WASH, Health, Reconstruction, and Food Security, aligning with IASC’s cluster approach.

The changing nature of humanitarian emergencies

9% percentage of the world's population living in countries with consecutive humanitarian appeals


$28.8bn the amount required to provide humanitarian assistance and protection to affected populations in 2020


113m the number of people facing acute hunger worldwide. 72 million of these are concentrated in just eight countries

Emergency Aids

200m the number of people estimated to require emergency aid by 2022


39% the proportion of refugee children worldwide not attending primary school|

Climate Change

25.9m the number of refugees worldwide at the start of 2019 - the seventh consecutive year this figure has risen

Why Choose Us

Such multifaceted emergencies require collaborative responses, which is why Season Relief emphasises long-lasting partnerships with local and international actors alike. Our partners vary from UN agencies to national health ministries and we endeavour to remain at the cutting-edge of all our focal IASC clusters. We also rigorously control our supply chains to ensure that only the highest quality products reach affected populations, in line with international specifications and

Global Connectivity

We unite businesses and communities worldwide, fostering impactful partnerships.

Expertise Across Diverse Sectors

From energy to education, we excel in vital sectors.

Sustainability Champions

Committed to eco-friendly practices and social responsibility.

Innovation for Positive Change

We drive positive change through cutting-edge solutions.

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