Season Global sources, supplies and designs sustainable solutions for the world’s most pressing development challenges.

Today, these challenges are more complex than ever and we exist to help solve them. We do this by bringing deep expertise, original thinking and quality products to long-lasting partnerships with the world’s foremost development specialists.


As the world changes, new development challenges will inevitably arise for each generation.  With this in mind, we aim to create a world in which local actors are equipped with the necessary resources to solve these issues for themselves in a sustainable manner, thereby unlocking their full potential. At Season Global, we believe that partnerships are the key to achieving this vision.


Season Global’s mission – and overall approach to international development – is best explained through our “Develop. Impact. Empower.” philosophy.


We develop solutions to help solve complex international development problems. Sometimes, these solutions involve sourcing and supplying products for a variety of sectors. On other occasions, they require us to design bespoke projects and provide consultancy services.  Regardless of the challenge, we always rise to the occasion for our partners and the communities we serve.


Our products and services are diverse but united around a common purpose: to positively impact the world. From the high-quality seeds we supply to Africa’s farmers to the logistical support we provide during humanitarian crises, a Season Global solution is a sustainable solution – with a net positive impact that we actively measure year-on-year.


At Season Global, we recognise that international development is only sustainable if it transitions communities from dependency to self-sufficiency. In other words, if it empowers communities to become motors for their own growth.  This ethic guides our strategy and we only engage in projects that pass this litmus test.

Our three subsidiariesSeason Development, Season Relief and Season Services– translate this mission across their respective areas of expertise, ensuring consistency across all group operations.


Season Global’s operations are grounded in a set of common values, which act as our promise to the partners and communities we serve. Far from a declaration of intent, these values actively guide our conduct, choice of partners and projects, ensuring that our work always reflects the highest ethical standards.


We build our operations on enduring partnerships that create mutual, sustainable value


We continually look for new ways to create value for our partners and focal sectors


We offer a seamless client experience and never compromise on quality


We keep abreast of contemporary dynamics, use data to guide our work and bring deep expertise to our partnerships


We always deliver quality and offer around-the-clock support for our clients


We recognise the diversity of development contexts and tailor our offering accordingly


As an idea, Season Global can be traced back to the Somali civil war, which forcibly displaced company CEO Bishar Dhere and his family in the early 1990s.

Forced to live in poverty, Bishar nevertheless grew up determined to forge a meaningful career and use the experience of war as a force for good. The seeds of Season Global were planted at a young age.

As a young economic migrant, Bishar studied entrepreneurship in Nairobi’s bustling internet cafes and slowly distilled his ideas into a simple but effective business plan:

A company dedicated to international development.

A company whose activities will help unlock Africa’s potential and bring prosperity to impoverished communities worldwide.

Its products and services will be sustainable, its partnerships enduring.

This will be Season Global.

Today, this is Season Global – a company with 28 employees based in 6 locations across 3 continents. A partner to many of the world’s leading international development and humanitarian specialists, we look forward to continuing our story together for many years to come.


Founded by Somali-born Bishar Dhere in Juba, South Sudan as an international development supplier service provider. Employees: 3


Expansion into humanitarian aid supplies and service provision

Second distribution hub

Second operational centre opened in Kampala, Uganda

Revenue: USD 1m

Annual revenues reach USD 1m for the first time

Africa HQ

Africa HQ opened in Nairobi, Kenya

Third distribution hub

Fourth operational centre opened in Mogadishu, Somalia

Support office

Support office established in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Revenue: USD 5m

First sales outside of Africa. Annual revenues reach USD 5m Employees: 20

Europe HQ
Support office established in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Employees: 28
Consultancy services

Expansion into consultancy services.


Season Global’s local expertise and global network make us a partner of choice for international institutions, corporations and non-governmental organisations alike. These partnerships vary from the provision of supplies to logistical support and consultancy services, but are always grounded in our core values.

Below is a selection of our clients past and present. To enquire about our services or a potential partnership, please click here.


As Season Global expands, we will be on the lookout for diverse skillsets to come on board and help further our success story.

  • Sales consultants
  • Business analysts
  • Marketing executives
  • Warehouse technicians

We will post all vacancies on this page, so please keep an eye out for opportunities.

Otherwise, if you feel that your profile is a good match for our business, please send your up-to-date CV to:  careers@seasonglobal.com

Please note that our headquarters are based in Amsterdam and Nairobi with distribution hubs located in Juba, Mogadishu and Kampala. We also have a support office based in Dubai.