To be the most trusted and leading partner in the social-economic development world-wide through provision of supplies and services.


We aim at providing fast, reliable and efficient business solutions to our customers at cost-effective level and enhance economies and livelihoods.


SGTL core values are; Integrity and Honesty, Customer focus and Satisfaction, Leadership, Quality production and Teamwork.


To achieve this we have mapped out a tactful and watertight strategy thus ensuring our sustenance and growth as we move further into the competitive markets in the region


Season Global  was legally registered to enhance development of the new Nation in 29th November 2012 with Company Registration Number 17, 194. South Sudan, Kenya Registration Number CPR/2014/128177, UN GLOBAL MARKET (UNGM) Registration Number 415582

We specialize in General Supplies. Our use of technology, research, logistics and other advanced sourcing methodologies has given us an edge over other suppliers who seldom invest in technical capacity and research.

We apply modern techniques to source goods and services from local and international manufacturers, maintaining a directory of valued manufactures the products we deal in. Our staff uses the internet for research and analysis which we use as a basis to solicit for more information in form of catalogue and technical evaluations and certification.

We have also established a number of international contacts who help in identifying new products and dealers which has improved our response time to new clients and environments with varied requirements.

We have identified many international manufacturers and suppliers who guarantee quality and availability. This has ensured that we have never had a bad experience with our customers.

Range of industries

1. Construction & Building Materials
3. Solar Energy Equipment
5. Non-Food Items

2. Core Relief Items
4. Food Items
6. Power Generators Pumps Supply/Insta